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Our date paste is manufactured in a BRC accredited facility in Tunisia where we can ship to a global market in large quantities.Here in the UK we stock date paste and sell by the single pallet across Europe (and to help new brands we also split pallets).

Made in a new $5.3 million purpose built factory, our date paste is controlled to a strict specification delivering one of the best date paste products on the market. Our paste is 99.99% pit free as well as being tested per batch for water activity, moisture and PH to deliver one of the best products on the market.

We only use Deglet Nour dates, commonly regarded as the best dates for making date paste and for the manufacture of date products where it is used as a main ingredient or as a binder. Whether you are making bars or balls, our paste will meet your strict pit fragment and water activity requirements in an ever more compliance focused market.We supply sweet soft date paste in 12.5kg double walled boxes and use a strong 60 micron blue poly liner to avoid tearing when turning the paste out into your mixer.

You can download our full specification here